How can I get the REXR software?

Sign up to create an account - when you log in for the first time you’ll receive a link to download our software. To be able to play with REXR, you’ll need an active subscription. You can choose or manage your subscription within your account page once you’re logged in.


Do I need a special VR headset to use REXR?

You can use any Mobile phone-holder VR headset with REXR, you don’t need any specific headset. Remember, with REXR you play as you normally play, with your keyboard and mouse or your controller. No special controllers are needed. With the mobile phone-holder, find what feels most comfortable for you and that can fit your mobile phone. We tested a few ourselves and included suggestions in our Product Guide.


Do I need to reduce the graphics quality of my game to play in VR?

No! With REXR you can play ‘non-VR’ games without any loss of graphics quality in VR. If your screen can render it, you can play it. The only limit is based on what your phone screen, local network and graphics card can support. We play games with graphics settings on maximum all the time using REXR ;)


What games can I play with REXR?

We support any PC game. Remember: regular PC games are designed to be played on a screen and REXR makes it possible to play them in VR. The game developers most likely didn’t know this was possible when the game was designed. Therefore, your experience may vary depending on the game you’re playing. We’ve tested a few games ourselves and our customers have also given feedback on which games they love to play in REXR. You can find a list of these games in our Recommended Games section.


Can I use REXR on a Mac or iPhone?

REXR has been designed and tested for Windows PC & Android phones only right now. If enough customers are interested, we will be happy to work on a Mac & iOS version. If you’d like us to notify you when we add Mac and iOS support, please Contact Us.


What are the minimum requirements for my PC & Smartphone to use REXR?

For PC: Windows 10 (it may work on Windows 7, but it has not been tested) and above with an NVIDIA Graphics Card (ideally versions released in the last 2-3 years). Yes, AMD Support is coming soon! If you’d like us to notify you when available, please Contact Us. For Smartphone: Android 8.0 or higher, phone screen resolution 1080p or higher (2K or higher recommended). Do ensure that your devices are on the same home network using a modern router - ideally on a 5GHz WiFi connection for your phone and your PC plugged in over ethernet to the router. Also, you should be a reasonable distance from the router. Ideally, all these devices should be in the same room during gameplay with REXR. Check our Product Guide (link to the section in the guide) for more information on how to set up for optimal performance or contact us if you have any issues. If you’re having any issues and need help, please let us know the details about the problem you experienced, and it would be helpful if you include the exact version of your Graphics Card, Windows, Router, Mobile Phone and Android when you Contact Us and we’ll get back to you.


Do I need a fast internet connection to use REXR?

You do need to be online to use REXR, however, the main thing that would affect speed is the performance of your router and local network. You should have your computer and smartphone connected to the same router. Ideally, your computer should be directly connected to the router via ethernet cable, and phone to the 5GHz WiFi network from the same router. This provides enough bandwidth for a lag-free high-quality experience.


I have a Laptop with NVIDIA Graphics Card, will REXR work?

For the best gaming experience you should ensure your computer is using your graphics card not the integrated graphics. REXR currently only works with NVIDIA Graphics Cards. To extend battery life NVIDIA's Optimus technology automatically optimises your notebook to offer the best performance or best battery life depending on the application. Optimus can negatively affect your gaming experience and make it impossible to run some games or programs. We found that our users who had Optimus enabled on their PC were unable to use REXR. To successfully launch REXR and play your games in VR you need to disable Optimus on your PC. There are two possible ways to disable Optimus.

Option 1:

● Restart your laptop and enter the BIOS before boot. Entering the BIOS will be different with multiple manufacturers but it is typically F2 or DEL. Refer to your User's Guide for more information on how to do this.
● Locate the video configuration tree or config options screen in your BIOS that refers to your Optimus Video configuration (usually under the 'Advanced' tab). You will need to choose the option to disable Optimus by either unchecking a box, choosing DISABLE as an option, or choosing the graphics card instead of the integrated card (nor Optimus.)
● Make sure you save your BIOS configuration by choosing SAVE, F10, etc. You should be prompted for confirmation. Your laptop should now reboot.

Option 2:

● Connect a monitor to your laptop with HDMI cable.
● Make the monitor your main display.

Option 3:


● Find "Device Manager" and locate Display adapters from its menu.
● Disable integrated graphics and make sure only your Nvidia GPU remains enabled.